fevereiro 09, 2015

Words of the Bride (poema em inglês)

Por Jon Paredes

To be in love... How good it is! 
I have never been so happy while diving into a kiss.

I have already felt strong yet afraid
but never weakened by power of that tender, warm embrace.
I have always been courageous, tough and brave
but now I am on my knees.
Here I bow as I learn you can save…

Save my heart, save my soul, take me high,
teach me what I never knew.
I'm so thrilled I've never known for all this time 
that without you I am nothing 
and without you there is nothing I can do.

I have  never spoken the heavenly language 
or understood every language on Earth.
But worthless would it have been
if all of them would I have spoken
but had been wandering without your love.

Would you mind if I just touched you
so I would make everything new
in this hostil time called life?

For your light in my heart shines,
I have put these words together. 
No longer as a lost beholder's letter,

but as the kisses of your bride.

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Manda brasa no comentário, mas seja respeitoso(a) e não diga nada que não gostaria que dissessem a você.
Tua participação é a alma deste blog!
Tudo de bom e fique com Deus :)

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